2 layers of Sub-floor?


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2 layers of Sub-floor?

Hey everyone,

I'm about to install laminate in the first floor of my home, and I have realized that my kitchen, for some reason, has an extra layer of 3/4" subfloor on top of the original.

This is going to make transitioning into the other rooms of the house difficult because my wife would like the laminate transitions in all the rooms to be even, but the kitchen is 3/4" taller.

I have one room that is just the original 1 layer of the subfloor (which makes it 3/4" shorter than the kitchen), and another room that has parquet wood floors glued ontop the 1 layer of subflooring (which makes it about 1/4" shorter than the kitchen).

So would it be okay for me to lay down subflooring on top of the parquet wood floors to even it up with the kitchen? It only needs about 1/4" to be even, and I dont care about ruining it.

I figure if I do that, and then put down another 3/4" sub-floor ontop of the room with only 1, it would all be even, but I would have 2 layers of subfloor everywhere, and I'm not sure if there would be any weight issues with that.

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We've always called the top layer of flooring sub-flooring. Most of the time the thickness depends on how sturdy the bottom layer is. In newer homes we've put as little as 1/4" ply down.


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