bi fold door rough opening on unlevel floor?


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bi fold door rough opening on unlevel floor?

I framed in my rough opening for my closet doors at 81 1/2" high. from the floor to the header is exactly 81 1/2" all the way across but the header is unlevel because the floor is unlevel. To make the header level i would have to adjust one side just over a 1/4" (either raise one side or lower the other). What do i do to get my rough opening the correct size and have a level header so my bi folds look nice and plumb?
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I am not a carpenter pro but have installed quite a few bifold doors. I believe that a 1/4" is not going to be a big deal and the doors will have enough adjustment to get them plumb. Your header is still going to look crooked unless you can adjust it some how.
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Yeah, when you install the finish jamb into the rough opening for your bifolds, just make sure that one leg of one jamb is cut 1/4" longer than the other so that the head of your jamb will sit nice and level inside the rough opening. One door will just need to be adjusted higher than the other because the floor isn't level. You should be able to get the clearance on the sides and top of the door to be perfectly straight, but you will have a tapered gap on bottom because of the unlevel floor.

That's why they call it a "rough" opening. Only the "finish" opening needs to be perfect.

If I misunderstood you, and when you say "I have framed in my rough opening, and the header is...." you are actually taking about the jamb- the finished opening- then you need to redo it so that the top jamb is level. "Header" and "rough opening" are words that usually refer to the framing, not the finish.
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thanks for the replies that clears things up. I can just leave the rough opening the way it is and make all adjustments with the finished jambs and doors them selfs. Thanks again.

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