Floor capacity for large aquarium


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Floor capacity for large aquarium

I am planning to place a 220 gallon fish tank into my living room. The tank, water and equipment will weigh approximately 2400-2600 lb. The tank will sit parallel to, and on, two floor joists. The joists are 8 inch beams, and are supported in the basement by a framed doorway at one end (3 2"x4" vertical frame members), and there is about an 8 foot clear run to the main support beam. My plan is to put a single floor post under each beam at the half-way point of the clear run, so no section is more than about 3-4 feet. Do you think that this will prevent my first floor aquarium from becoming a basement mess?
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Need more info on the beams (such as what are they made of, what they are spaced at, flange widths, etc.) before we're able to help. Also, exactly where in the 8-ft. span is the load being placed? And what is the floor and subfloor made of? And what condition is everything in?

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