The studs to nowhere?


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The studs to nowhere?

I'm remodeling my kitchen (house built 1929) and i need to move (replace) a stud to make room for the range hood vent (or build a header for it, etc). This is on an outer wall, and there is something odd in the way the house was framed. The sole plates are small sections that are toed in between the studs. This is the first story of the house. On the foundation sits what seems to be a 4x4, and on top of that, a joist. The studs extend below the first floor and are on the outside of this joist. In another section of the wall, the plate section was removed for some piping, and the cavity was filled with loose fill insulation, so it was difficult to see, but i was able to dig down with my hand next to the stud - far below where i thought the stud should be resting on that 4x4 - as far as my arm would reach down while laying on the floor - and i still never found any solid ground.. What's going on here? Did they use to place studs in the cavities of the cinder block foundation?
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It is hard to say. Old houses are usually balloon framed and it used to be "anything goes". A lot of the old houses like that which I have worked on have often had bricks laying in between the studs up to the floor level. Not sure what purpose that used to serve. It's like they used bricks for insulation or something! LOL

I think you would be safe to cut off the stud at some predetermined height, (4 or 5 ft) head it off to the adjacent studs, and then add framing on top of that where it needs to go. You might be opening a can of worms if you try and remove it below the floor level. The "sole plate" you describe between studs is more like today's fireblocking.
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Yes, it is like fire blocking, that makes it much clearer.

But - if I were to create a header, i have nothing solid to rest the jack/cripple studs on. I mean - there has to be something down there. I'll have to clean out all that insulation to find it, but even then I won't be able to secure them - they'll just be resting on the inside of the foundation.

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