Cutting Metal Studs


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Cutting Metal Studs

I just finished gutting a house and after jacking a floor up I'm going to put the metal studs back on the walls. Of course, now that the rooms dimensions have changed all of those studs are going to have to trimmed. So I've been cutting these things with a pair of aviation snips and there getting a little dull. Since I have more than 100 to go I thought I would ask for recommendations about the best method to cut metal studs. Of course, if I have the right kind of snips, does anybody recommend a brand or model. I'm not adverse to spending money on something good.
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Well...a metal cutting chop saw is what I see the most. About $100 for a basic Harbor Freight or similar....maybe $150 on sale at the bigger box stores.
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Or a circular saw with a plywood blade installed backwards. Squirt a little WD40 as you cut. You can get a 7" steel metal cutting blades but I always kept a few dull plywood blades for things like this. I would advise against carbide metal blades because the are too quickly used up.

I am probably admitting guilt of tool abuse but I have also use a 12" blade backwards in a miter saw.
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What Ray said. I use a 10" Hitachi slider set up on a long run off table with handles on the ends. We set it on saw horses and use a plywood blade backwards on it for metal studs and vinyl siding. Tool abuse??? Maybe. Adapt, improvise, overcome. Oh, using a carbide blade will cause the carbide teeth to possibly loosen and come flying off. Prime target areas are the face
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Just to be clear when I mentioned carbide metal blade I meant a solid carbide disk not a wood blade with carbide teeth.

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