Mobile home subflooring question


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Mobile home subflooring question

Hi, I'm new to this site so not so sure how to post my own thread but i need ideas for a new sub floor I just bought a mobile and am taking the old floor out and doing new plywood. Currently under the plywood is thin insulation and like this cardboard stuff under the metal beam. What can put under the isulation that will be cheap but effective and last a few year. my brother in law suggested 1/4 plywood insulated cardboard then 1/2 plywood any ideas on that???? I also have a termite problem so what is the best way to keep them off my wood??? Thanx Dee
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Magic. Welcome to the forums! I moved your post to it's own little cubby hole. No problem. To start a fresh thread, click on the "new thread" just above the first post in a particular category.
I can't see what you see, but if the weather type boarding under the insulation is in good shape, you could drop in R13 kraft faced insulation and attach it to the joists as you go. Then top it all off with 3/4" Advantech or similar subflooring. 1/2" just won't cut it, I am afraid. Termite problem??? Call an exterminator before you close it all up and let them do their thing.
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If money is tight, you can go to the big box and buy termite poison and spray it yourself - only diy termite spray comes with no garuntees.

I know 3/4" is the norm for a subfloor but most every MH I've worked on has had 5/8" particle board floor. I'd replace what needs replacing [probably not all the flooring] with 5/8" plywood or OSB. If you have much old and new sub floor - I like to top it all off with 3/8" ply or 7/16 OSB, just to make it all even.
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for the termite problem try DO it your self pest control. Lots of info and free shipping to your door.I have used them several times with no regrets. I had an infestation of wood borers and found a product to treat the house with.Good luck!Do It Yourself Pest Control Products Online | Fast & Free Shipping

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