Question about soundproofing a floor


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Question Question about soundproofing a floor

hello i have a question, me and my family bought what used a cabin its a chalet style house with 2bedrooms upstairs witch the 4 kids have when they are playing up stairs it sounds like there gonna come threw the floor and you can hear everything they do.ill explaine the stup we have. we have 2 large beams running the length of the house on witch there is joises 2ft on center on top of that is 2in thick tounge and grove pine witch is exposed downstairs and makes the floor upstairs theres carpet upstairs but it dosent seem to do much good what would be the best way to sound proof it a little more thank you
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Welcome to the forums.

On subsequent posts, please try to use a little more punctuation and capitalization, your post is difficult to read.

So, if I'm reading correctly, you have carpet and 2" think flooring between you and the kids and nothing else? Ceiling is exposed? Are you willing to close in the ceiling?
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If not close in the ceiling, are you willing ti install some material between the joists?

First, though, how thick is the padding under the carpet upstairs?
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I would imagine you want to keep looking at the exposed beams and 2x6 flooring above. All that lumber is so resonant... That's why it makes great guitars and violins.

If you're willing to keep the floor carpeted, you could install a floating floor. This is a rubber layer glued down to existing 2x6 flooring. Then glue down ply, then carpet and pad.

The current problem is that the carpet and pad just doesn't provide enough impact resistance to the highly resonant structure. You need to install a break.

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