Basement framing quick questions


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Basement framing quick questions

I've been doing a fair bit of reading on this and seen some horrid youtube videos regarding finishing basements and building walls.
Getting antsy to start putting up the walls around my mechanical room, I have a couple questions I'd like to confirm before I start.
Background info (if needed);
- ~1345sqft unfinished basement
- house built in 1937
- Floor joists (main and second floor) are 24" center to center
- Poored concrete walls and floor

The first being vapor barriers. My understanding is, outside walls (along the concrete walls), should have the plastic between the studs and the concrete wall, and under the bottom plate, between it and the concrete floor.
Is my understanding correct?

If my above understanding is current, what would go under interior wall bottom plate if anything?
Subfloor first, then wall on top? Or put walls up, deal with flooring afterwards (preferred do to current budget)?

For the top plate... I would assume the top plate should line up with a floor joist above. Would I/should I sister the joist above with another 2x12 so that I'll have a something to screw the ceiling to?
If not the norm, what is normally done in this case?
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Others will advise on vapor barriers on walls in basements (we don't have basements here, water table is too high). But anywhere wood touches concrete, it needs to be pressure treated. So at the very least, your bottom plate all around will be pressure treated. You will need to install cross blocking between the ceiling joists above your interior walls. This gives you a place to secure your walls, and also a nailing surface for whatever covering you are going to put on the ceiling (sheet rock?) You can lay 2x4's horizontal inset between your ceiling joists as needed.

What is your finished flooring going to be? You talk also of a subfloor in a basement.
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No idea what we'll go with for a finished floor yet. Probably safe to say not carpet but who knows. Currently it's painted concrete. The concrete needs to be smoothened out a bit in a few places as you can see where they had trenched to install the town sewer tie-ins once that came in.

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