How do I learn about building codes?


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How do I learn about building codes?

My wife and I bought an old "fixer-upper" and started work w/ help from our Dads, but w/o any permits. Recently I've decided I'm going to start getting permits. I'm starting a bathroom remodel and now suddenly I care about building codes! I'm really new to to this and I'm looking for the best way to learn these codes, so I can do work that passes inspection. Any ideas on where to find the codes and the best way to learn?

Note: We live in Salinas, CA
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Codes are enacted into laws at the local, regional and state levels. Best to start with your city building department and if they don't have the answers then move to the county building department and then to the state. Being in California you WILL have county codes and most likely city codes as well unless you live outside of the city limits.
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Thanks for the advice, I will contact the city!
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Just a hint....go talk to them and act dumb. Not idiotic dumb...but just honest and open. Ask what requires permits and what doesn't...most places have a list they will give you, if it's not already on the City website. DON'T mention any work you've already done. If anything, you could say "it looks like some work was done before I moved in, and I'm not sure it was is that handled?"

You are lucky that you aren't in one of the more metro areas. Smaller towns are much more helpful if you ask questions BEFORE you start the jobs. Sometimes a call is enough, but you will be better off if you call ahead and get a time when someone will be available to help you.
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Building Codes

Some advance study of this web site before you go may be helpful:

Planning & Building Permits - City Services - City of Salinas, California

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