Can I add 2 x 3/4 plywood over old oak flooring?


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Can I add 2 x 3/4 plywood over old oak flooring?

12 by 20 room. I need to raise an old floor 1 1/2 inches to match up to the height of an adjoining room. It is really beat up oak but it is anchored well to the subfloor. I want to add 2 sheets of 3/4 plywood totalling 1 1/2" thick. Then I am using a high quality dark cherry laminate over that.

Do I use liquid nails and screws to attach the 2 pluwood layers? Do I drill pilot holes through the plywood and oak flooring so the screws bite into the subfloor beneath the oak instead of screwing to the 3/4" oak? I'm concerned about the plywood pulling up the oak thus loosing the floor leveling.

i am not ripping up the old oak so please help me with some hints.
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Welcome to the forums! Wow, usually it's the other way around. Folks are worried about building up too high to another room. If you can locate your joists below, snap lines where they are, then lay your first layer of plywood, duplicating the joist centers on the first layer. Place screws (3") in the plywood through the joists. Second layer intentionally miss the joists with shorter screws (2") in a similar offset pattern. Glue down both layers with PL Advanced or similar subflooring adhesive.

Now, with all that said, you are going to a lot of trouble to install laminate??? There's no way I can talk you into installing a quality hardwood floor? Long run you would be much better off having a solid floor rather than a clacky laminate to walk on, and if you should ever sell the property, it would enhance your sales price. Laminates are cheap IMO.

If you choose to go the hardwood route, you would only need one layer of plywood, then your 3/4" hardwood. I am just throwing suggestions out there. You have the final say on the floor. Good luck and let us know if we can help further.

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