Beam calculation


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Beam calculation

I have a 2 story cape cod that is 24' wide. I want to create a 17' opening on the south wall between my kitchen and living room. It is not load bearing but supports the second floor bedroom wall. The roof faces east and west in Pa which is the way the truces run. I want to install an lvl beam in the opening. I also want to use another lvl beam to create a T between the dining room and kitchen. This will be an 8' span. The 8' beam will support the floor joist of the upstairs bedroom. I need help to determine lvl beam size required.

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Welcome to the forums!

It is not load bearing but supports the second floor bedroom wall.
Could you clarify this? If the wall you are planning to open supports a wall above it. that sounds like a load-bearing wall.

A sketch of your floor plan might help us see what you have now.

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