shaved floor joist repair


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shaved floor joist repair

I have just take out a concrete pad for a walk in shower that was wheelchair accessible and found some problem with the floor joist. Instead of building up the sub floor to level it out the top of the floor joists (2x10) were shaved 3/4" to create a pan for the concrete pan. how would I bring that space up more, to match the existing sub floor? can I just keep adding layers of plywood or do the joists need to be sistered an brought back up to height. I'm putting in a tub to replace the shower.
Pictures will be added tonight.

thank you
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joists should not be notched in the manner you mentioned. It reduces the load rating of the joist to the notched width... so your 9 1/2" wide 2x10's are really more like 2x9's (which don't exist on span tables) but should be somewhere between 2x8 and 2x10 as far as strength is concerned.

If your joists were oversized, and 2x8's would have sufficed, then there probably is no problem with adding plywood to shim the joists back up to their original height, then add more subfloor. But if the 2x10 floor joists span a long distance and they are near their maximum span (such as 13') from load bearing wall to load bearing wall, then their strength has probably been compromised to the point where it might be advisable to sister their entire length.

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