Another framing around duct work question...


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Another framing around duct work question...

My apologies, I know there have been several of this type of question asked and answered, but I have an issue with duct work and a steel beam that I cannot quite make out how to frame in. It's for the bathroom in my basement which has a steel beam directly where the top plate of one wall would attach (parallel) and the main duct work where another wall will cross (perpendicular). I would assume I can frame right up to the steel beam and possibly liquid nail the top plate to the beam? Where the the front wall (with the door) will cross perpendicular to the duct work, I have access in between the ducts to the joists above in a couple of spots, but again, how to secure the top plate here has me a bit baffled? Will a couple of 2X4 stringers be enough reaching up through the ducts, or it that just over complicating it. The other option I considered was simply to build the soffit first, and attached the top plate to it as it cross underneath the ducts. I have attached part of my design with a yellow box indicating roughly were the ducts run. (Sorry about the colors, I was just picking temporary elements...) The hashed line indicates a structural steel beam on the one side of the bathroom. Any thoughts?
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The studs between the top & bottom plates should keep enough pressure on the steel beam to hold the wall in place. You can still use liquid nails. If you can get one or two studs up to the joists, on the perpendicular wall, it should be enough, to hold the top plate. I wouldn't build a soffit.

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