Steel in header


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Steel in header

I hope you can help me with something. i bought a cheap foreclosure and raised the ceiling 1 1/2 feet. Their are two places i will have to put two doors, but have no room for a header or cripple studs. I was thinking about putting a 45 inch piece of steel about 3 1/2 wide, long enough so it will be resting on my king studs. What thickness metal do i need to use, would 1/4 inch be thick enough?
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You should have a licensed professional engineer design the header member required. He/she will analyze loading applications for each location, and come up with an appropriate member size and configuration. It sounds like you're wanting to install flat pieces of steel in horizontal orientations, which is not likely to be adequate since such has a very small section modulus, with little resistance to bending.

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