proper way to jack up sagging secong floor


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proper way to jack up sagging secong floor

Hello everyone. I could really use some advice on jacking up a sagging second floor room. Here is my situation. I recently purchased a home and the previous owners took out a load bearing wall between the kitchen and dining room. They did install a beam but it is undersized and the second floor bedroom has a good noticable dip in it. I have searched quite abit for ideas on how to properly support the first floor and jack up the secong floor but haven't had much luck. I would appreciate any help.
My plan was to build a temporary wall in the basement under where I will be jacking up the second floor and put my screw jacks over the temporay wall.
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Your idea is similar to what I saw on some home improvement show in the past; jack up the ceiling and make sure that the floor is properly braced to do that. IIRC, they simply used a 4x6 beam jacked up from the floor below to brace instead of building a wall, but I'm sure they had all the jacks and the beam lying around anyway.

I'm in a similar situation at my house, but I need a permit to do the work and cannot get it until an engineer comes in and says why it failed in the first place. Sadly, there aren't many engineers around me to make such a report.
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You would do well to invest in the services of a licensed, structural engineer. He/she could evaluate your situation, and work up a jacking plan to enable the work to be done. Either by you, or a contractor of your choice.

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