Another LVL support question


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Another LVL support question

Tearing out a load bearing wall and wondering how much support I need to put back in place.

Background...I am on a slab and have added a second story to the house about ten years ago. Now we have decided to remove part of the kitchen wall between the kitchen and living room. There are 2*10 floor joists running perpendicular to this wall 16" on center. The floor above includes our "den" type area with out much weight, but also has the bathroom wall which includes a cast iron claw foot tub.

The amount of wall we are removing is roughly 8 feet give or take a inch. I have already bought two 11 7/8 by 10 LVL to double them, but wonder on support for each end. I had planned to buy the metal support poles, but wasn't sure if two would be enough or not. Thinking one on each end of the LVL.

I was also thinking I need to build support walls while I redo this header area, being as it is only 8 feet could I get away with one?
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Your support cannot be of the metal adjustable poles. You may check with your building authority to see what they require. Building jack and king stud mounting area for the LVL would be the only option. What did you plan on covering the posts with?? Building a temporary wall will be necessary. If the joists run completely through, you can use one. If they are joined in any way, then one wall on each side will be needed.

This information is generic, and since you have made modifications to the structure, I don't know all the ins and outs that you have. A structural engineer would be your best resource, considering the addition.
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I am going to attach a pic of what I have. But it is 2*10 floor joists. They do meet about the middle of the house and overlap about 5 feet. They join right above the wall and extend to one side more then the other.

King stud makes more sense and would be better, I just thought the metal supports first. Covering will be drywall and the kind stud actually makes it easier to cover.

All that I have done has been approved by building inspector when I built it 10 years ago.
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