Legthen wall for refrigerator fitment


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Legthen wall for refrigerator fitment

Hi all!

When our house was built we did not even think about door clearence for the fridge and the builder was not very good at details or advice sharing. needless to say, lesson learned!

Our 35.5 fridge is up against a wall behind the kitchen back door. You cannot open the fridge for cleaning unless you pull it out of the hole. When the fridge door or back door are open they interfer with each other. On the other side of the kitchen I have a 27" pantry at the end of the cabinet\counter top run.

--The entire width of the wall from the end of the cabinet \ counter top run is only 30".
--The wall at the end cuts 90 degrees to the left and that side wall is a framed door.
--The width of the wall between the 90 degree turn and the door molding is 7.5"

My thinking is to lengthen the wall out 5.5 - 6" and have a few questions;

1-Does this make sense to do?

2-Do I frame a 5.5-6" wall and nail to the corner of the exsisting or do I sandwich 2x4's and make a solid corner?

3 - Remove dry wall from the corner to the door frame, (7.5") before nailing in the extension?

4- Cut out the 5.5 section of hardwood flooring so that the bottom is nailed to the subflloor itself?

5- How do I attach at the top to the ceiling if there is no stud to nail to and the back side of the ceiling is not accesible?

6- Finally wrap the new section in drywall, tape sand and paint?

Will this work and any suggestions?

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Refrigerator "Fitment"?...understand but is a new word for me.

Having a little trouble getting the complete picture of what is going on where the pantry currently exists. Confused as to which way the additional wall space is to be framed and how it interacts with a 90* turn in the wall.

You have already pointed out some issues that you will have to deal with, such as the adjustments to the hardwood flooring that may or may not be easily rectified. How the pantry cabinet is finished and the counter top cutout and placement may not work with the revised layout. Sometimes the counter top is notched to look more finished or the backsplash is adjusted to blend. As far as the current layout, my not seeing it yet, but you have the option of changing refrigerator types - say going to a side by side or flipping the door orientation (most doors are reversible). You can also change your kitchen backdoor to an out swing door so that it will not directly interfere with the refrigerator. Both options could be cheaper than a partial kitchen remodel.
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Thanks. Even if I swapped the door the fridge is still against the wall and the door cannot be opened up far enough to get the shelves out for cleaning. I have looked at smaller fidges but those do not fit our needs? The only options are to move the fridge or live with it.

I checked the counter top and it is not notched. It appears that I can just remove the existing pantry, lengthen wall, reroute the ice maker water line and it "might" work.

As to the hardwood floor I was thinking a small rotary drimmel would allow mw to remove the needed section and then I could reinstall the quarter molding.


Thanks Wade
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If you can please post a picture it may help instead of having to guess at what to do.
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Will do. I stink at describing! :-)

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