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HELP: Preparing for Residential Framing Inspection

HELP: Preparing for Residential Framing Inspection


Old 08-03-13, 12:09 PM
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Question HELP: Preparing for Residential Framing Inspection

I've passed my Electrical Inspection and now I'm in the final legs of getting everything ready for my first framing inspection (Snohomish County Planning and Development Services, WA).

I've never had a framing inspection before, and this is a large home remodel (added on to the second floor, changed the roof line, added glulams, etc.).

Aside from making sure I followed the plans I developed with my Engineer, what should I be looking for? What will an inspector be looking for? How much should I have done (i.e., should all the windows be installed? Should all sheathing be installed?

Lots of questions, so please let me know what the usual, and unusual, goofs are. I would love to pass this inspection the first time around, but maybe I'm too ambitious.
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Old 08-03-13, 12:26 PM
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As you know local is local. Sometimes they want sheathing on to keep water from blowing in the construction site. The inspector will be looking at the size of lumber you used in support situations, and more importantly how those members are vertically supported all the way to the first floor. I would give a call to the inspection department and ask the inspector the questions you posed about windows and sheathing.
Old 08-03-13, 12:37 PM
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IMO the big things are fireblocking... squash blocks (continuous load path under header trimmers, inside the floor/betwen floors, all the way to the foundation)... use of joist hangers, rafter ties and strapping where needed and proper nailing patterns at corner framing, headers and trimmers. I would think that the sheathing would need to be completed... they don't usually look closely at the way the sheathing was nailed, but it's one of the things they look at so I wouldn't think it could be incomplete. They usually also want the WRB on since code requires it.

Calling and asking a few questions won't hurt.
Old 08-03-13, 02:31 PM
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When I helped a buddy build his house in Colorado, the County building inspector was very anal about measuring riser heights throughout the (3-story) house. He found one that was 1/2" too high, and red-tagged it. He also checked many of the sill plate anchor bolts/nuts, for being in the correct locations, and for having washers and being tight--he found one missing washer, and 2 loose nuts. I was there during the inspection by the 2 County guys (second one was a trainee), and was really tempted to crack a joke about the 2 loose nuts in the house ("Do you want us to tighten the 2 loose nuts, or just usher them out of the house?"). But thought the better of it, as the lead inspector didn't have much of a sense of humor.
Old 08-03-13, 02:45 PM
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LOL! One job I was on got flagged in one area for not having anchor bolts within 12" of an exterior corner, so we had to fix that. Also on one remodel, someone didn't overlap the top plates correctly at one location (the joints lined up, butting into the existing) and he flagged that, making us install a corner brace. I've seen inspectors miss a lot of things too, though. Like attic penetrations or once some Dow Styrofoam was exposed in a conditioned crawlspace, when it should have been noted that it wasn't fire resistant. Maybe he figured it would be getting drywalled.
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Type in "Residential building code" in the box- right top;Snohomish County Code

International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings


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