Converting Garage into a bedroom


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Converting Garage into a bedroom

I need to convert my split level 2 car garage into a bedroom for my parents. I'm running into problems on walling up where the garage doors are, and ideas? Do I really need to pour a footer, the slab was laid in the 50's with no cracks. The new wall will not be supporting anything the header for the garage door isn't already supporting.
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In my opinion....... You'll need to pour a footer because you'll need to build up that area to keep the water out.
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Really need a picture.
I've never pored a footer when replacing a garage door with a wall, door or window.
There's already a header holding up anything above it.
It's best to cut out and remove the old apron so there less splash back, most often you need to add at least a row of block in the old opening so water will not come in under the wall.
Going to have to account for the slope in the floor if there is one.
Going to need a vapor barrier on top of the slab.
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Thanks for the feed back from both of you. I just feel that a footer is overkill. I mean the purpose of the footer is to evenly distribute the weight of the house over a larger area. The center colum dividing the parking spaces is set on a footer, I have two I beams as headers framing the garage door openings. My orginal plan was to put up a 2 foot knee wall on the existing slab , wood framing on top of that to enlose the space. Then place a vapor barrier on the slab, attach sleepers to the slab, insulate with ridgid foam and then put down the subfloor.
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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I am doing something similar. I met with the city to discuss permitting requirements and they told me that I am required to pour a footer under where the garage door will be replaced with wall (it will also have a door and a window). The driveway slab was poured in the early 60's with no cracks, but the city says because the soil is so volatile where I live it needs to be 18" deep, use number 5 rebar, and the rebar should be drilled into the existing slabs on both sides (the driveway and the garage floor). Trouble is, I live in a college town and all of the concrete contractors in town say they are too busy with projects from the college to deal with residential right now (practically impossible to get an electrician around here too). So, I guess I'm looking at trying to do this myself.

Anybody know of any good resources on learning how to do this? The thing I'm most confused about is how I'm supposed to get the rebar into both slabs. If they mean I just need to drill a hole (not sure how far) into both at different spots to connect to the footer to each wall at different spots I can see how to easily do that; however, if they mean a single piece of rebar should be attached to all three I'm at a loss as to how that would be accomplished.

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