How to notch beams for re-plumbing


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How to notch beams for re-plumbing

So it turns out my bathtub drain issues are a result of a waste line that is level. My solution is to re-run the waste line with the correct grade. As you can see this will require me to cut out more of these studs. As you can also see the previous owner/plumber butchered the left most stud to run those pipes (I think it was a wayward plumber, the previous owners seemed to take a lot of pride in their home and I don't think it was them).

So my question, how should I go about cutting out those studs to run the pipe at a .25"/FT grade? Is it acceptable to just extend the existing cutouts down, taking care not to remove any more material on the sides? Also, what can I do to repair that left most stud? It's effectively useless now I figure, with only about 1/2" of stud remaining on either side. You help and advice is greatly appreciated.
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"Wet" walls, those that are constructed to contain plumbing, are often non-structural and in these cases the studs only serve as a means to hold the drywall in place. You will have to determine if the wall in question is structural but if not then the notched stud is nothing to be overly concerned about.

The above is my opinion. I am not a carpenter. Others may have different opinions.
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Thanks for the input. This bathroom seems to have been added after the fact, and given what was done I can't trust that they didn't blow through these beams without regard to whether they are load bearing or not.

Would there be an easy way to determine if this is load bearing or not?
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think it was a wayward plumber
No, actually plumbers learn that the first day in plumbing school Believe me, I repair enough structural members that plumbers feel are fair game. Yours, are fine, and as Furd says, they are not structural, but hold up sheetrock. You can cut the holes larger vertically to get your drop if needed, and you can sister over the cut areas that are left exposed with additional 2x6 material if you feel it would help any, or if you weakened it too much.

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