How to frame a large stone range hood?


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How to frame a large stone range hood?

Hi all!

I'm building a new home and I'm keen on making a range hood like the one in this photo.

My situation is a little different, however, in that I have 11 foot ceilings. So I'm wondering how I could frame something up to support quite a bit more stone than what is pictured.

The interior dimensions of the hood will be: 66"H x 22"D x either 30"W or 36"W, depending on whether I go with a Zephyr Monsoon I One-Piece Liner, model AK9228AS (28 3/8"W) or AK9234AS (34 3/8"W), respectively. If it matters, I intend to use El Dorado York Limestone on the exterior.

Yes, I intend to speak to a kitchen designer about this, but it would help to know ahead of time if this will even be possible. Also, the construction manager that I've hired is scratching his head about how to frame it.

Any help would be appreciated!
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#1 No way would I ever want a rough hard to clean surface in the worst area possible in a kitchen like that.
I'd use steel framing, tile board on the outside and a stainless steel liner on the inside, then faux stone.
Just frame it like a soffit in a tray ceiling.
Faux stone will be far lighter, and have a flat area on the back side to attach it.
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Hood Fan Reply


I am a general contractor that was asked to build that same picture and the rock was completed this past weekend. Hopefully the files load, it's slightly different than the picture, yet produced the same effect. It depends what stage the build is at currently. We added backing in the walls and ceiling to coincide with supporting the stone. There is no need to use faux stone as it's hard to create the same look and tie it into the rest of the build as the fireplace and hood fan do in this build. Being that you have 11' ceilings you may have an extra box of stone (50lbs even if it's two boxes 100lbs). If proper framing is in place in the ceiling and in the walls there is no problem building a box to support the stone. My rock contractor bent a flashing that acts as a lintel on the bottom, which hides the framing being the same color as the hood fan. The structure for this is a simple 2x4 box with 2 studs at each corner acting as an L with 3/4" plywood for the sheathing. There is no advantage to using a concrete board other than for dust and less likelihood of fasteners being able to hold. At first I thought of this as a big headache but through discussions with the correct trades the homeowner got exactly what they asked for, the cabinetry and rock in the kitchen and the fireplace match perfectly and I learned something new! If you have any other questions feel free to reply and I will be sure to aid if you need.

I know it's not the most practical design but it looks real awesome! Our rock contractor recommended to be sure to vacuum the hood fan for a few months to avoid that gritty flavor when cooking lol.

If it's the design you're after Joe's post doesn't address your want (faux stone would justice in this application).
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Thanks for the responses.

I've spoken with a cabinet maker and he seems to think it's do-able. I will be passing on the information that edomonton_gen so graciously supplied to him (and our construction manager) when I meet again with him Monday.

I recently discovered Coronado faux stone veneers and decided to go with that on the exterior because I like the look of it better than the El Dorado. I'll be doing the fireplace and the range hood using that as well.

joecaption1 raised a good point: cleaning. While I'm not afraid of getting on a ladder to do it, I'm not sure what kind of trouble I'm asking myself for. That's something I will have to look into more, because I'm not sure what will be involved.

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