Chimney Removed, patching subfloor..


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Chimney Removed, patching subfloor..

There is a non-structural chimney that was removed from my house (which no one is living in at the moment.) It went from the basement, through 2 floors and then through the roof. The roof has since been patched, however, I had a question on patching the floor for the 1st floor, and the 2nd floor:

The chimney itself was approximately 36" square. The area around the chimney had been "boxed out" by the original framers of the house. So, joists span from the foundation wall in the basement and terminate on the "box" around the chimney (span is ~8 ft), and joists from a beam on the other side of the chimney terminate on the box as well (span is around 4 ft.) Note that the "box" is the depth of the floor joists, it is just in the area of the joists.

I should note that this is an old house (1900's), and the areas I'm referring to use "true" 2x10's for the joists. The first floor is a living room, the second floor is a bedroom over this area.

My questions are:

* Can I simply put 2x10's 16 OC and sistering on some joists (for a lip for the subfloor) to the box where the chimney was and put plywood on top cut to the size of the hole? The span from the foundation wall to the beam (including where the chimney box is) is ~14 ft.


* Would I need to rip out the ~3 joists in that area that terminate on the "box" around the old chimney, along with the "box" itself and replace them with joists that run the length from the beam in the basement to the foundation wall?

Or is there another way to address this?

It is a similar situation for the second floor as well (except the floor joists are running from the outside wall to the box, and a load bearing wall to the box.)

Drawing is attached.


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I would do as you suggest, just sister 2 X 4's or 6's and I'd also add another short joist right in the middle and use joist hangers.
More then strong enough.

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