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Garage Remodel and need help with setting up the flooring.

Garage Remodel and need help with setting up the flooring.


Old 11-07-13, 08:00 PM
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Question Garage Remodel and need help with setting up the flooring.

I am in the planning stages of a garage to living space conversion. In talking with the city I find that I must install a framed subfloor onto the concrete slabs in order to insulate to their required value. The problem is, I have never done floors before

So here is my setup: The garage is from the 1940's, detached, 20' x 16' and the floor is poured in two slabs with about 1/4" Vertical separation from age. 1/2 of the building is framed on a 6 x 6 wood base, the other half is on 6" mason blocks (I don't know why, i wasn't there :P )

As best as I can figure what I am looking at is:
  • Sealing the concrete and wood with expanding foam in the cracks / separations.
  • 6 mil barrier on the concrete (where do I tack this? the wood or the Concrete or both)
  • Frame in PT 2 x 6's around the edge attaching them as necessary to either the mason blocks or the wooden base as applicable, all leveled.
  • Then I was planning on building 4 separate 2 x 6 frames approx 8' x 10' (the actual size will be measured after the first frame is installed)
  • Those 4 frames will be installed and shimmed to level.
  • Then install spray in insulation to the needed r-value.
  • Then lay the plywood (or whatever wood to make the subfloor)

Am I completely off in this? Any help appreciated. I can have pictures of the space tomorrow after we clean out the rest of the junk.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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Old 11-08-13, 03:10 AM
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Welcome to the forums! Your basic plan has merits and is doable. My only question is the spraying of insulation in the voids. Have you considered the expense of this? It is a great idea, I just wanted you to know there are alternative methods of insulating it. Your frames will need to have joists at 16" on center to accept the plywood. Not mentioned, so I thought I'd clarify it. What is the R value the municipality requires? 2x6's may be overkill, maybe not. What vertical spacing do you need? Ceiling height presently? Door threshold height? Do you plan on removing the garage door(s)?
Old 11-08-13, 08:46 AM
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Thanks for getting back to me so fast!

Ok, so the city requires minimum R-21, I would love to get away with 2x4's to make more room but we can't afford spray foam insulation, which leaves batts or spray in insulation, which I am told is price comparable to batts.

For your other questions:
Ceiling height now is 93" . Code requires 7" so 84" Once we drywall the ceiling and put in the flooring we will hopefully be within limits. I am heading over to finish emptying the space so I can check height after adjusting for level.
The door threshold height currently is 2" We will need to fashion a step to the door.
The garage door will be left in place (it is a horizontal sliding door) and a 2x6 wall framed in the opening.
Old 11-09-13, 12:27 PM
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Ok, no pictures yet. We will have to finish clearing it out on Thursday.

One thing we noticed about the building, one slab (the one the walls attach to masonry bricks seems normal. The Bricks sit on the slab, the walls attach to the bricks. The other half of the building is odd, the walls are attached to PT 4 x 6 boards which sit on what looks like post concrete. The floor slab ends about 2" from where this wooden base is.

The owner is looking at this conversion only lasting about 9 years and then they will be tearing it down and rebuilding it as a full expansion of the house. But who knows what the future will hold.

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