How to fix floor sagging?


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How to fix floor sagging?

My wife and I are looking at a house but when we got to the basement, I saw 4 mono-posts. That doesnt sit well with me if I would want to do something with the basement (like a man cave). What do I have to do to fix the floor to do away with the mono-posts?
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No way to know without being there. Need an engineer to come look at it and come up with a plan.
Going to need at least a picture to even guess.
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Not enough information for us to help. Other than generic "raise the ceiling members, and beef them up to be self-supporting in the raised position." If there are serious issues, sometimes, it's better to walk away from something that becomes too much to handle.

A few pix would help, so we can see what your seeing. But since you don't own the place yet, that may be problematic. If major structural elements have failed, be prepared to spend serious $$$ on repairs, including getting a structural engineer involved.
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What is your total floor joist span and what size lumber did they use? Sometimes over spanning will cause sagging problems, and the posts, if installed with coordinated beams across the offending part will be the only solution. You may want to throw up a couple of pictures if you still have access to the property, so we can see what you see. Even if they used screw jacks, placing them on just a concrete floor is not acceptable. Footers must be dug and poured to handle the added pressure from above.

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