Floating subfloor with metal studs?


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Floating subfloor with metal studs?

One of the suggested ways of installing hardwood on a slab is to make a floating floor out of plywood nailed to sleepers. is there any reason you could use steel studs instead of wood? Alternatively, could you screw metal furring strips to the slab and then screw a subfloor into them?
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Metal studs are for walls (vertical). They are not usually meant for horizontal applications. Metal studs are not the same as Metal Joists. In either case, metal studs and joists are not meant for wet conditions and can eventually corrode or rust so they may not be the best solution for a wet / frosty concrete floor. Additionally, if there is no gasket to cushion the metal to concrete, there could be some noise if there would happen to be any deflection in the floor.

But why insist on reinventing the wheel? Unless you are planning on building a floor like a sports gymnasium (with padded steel reinforced sleepers), I would suggest you go with pressure treated wood sleepers, and install 1 1/2" rigid foam between them for insulation. If you'd like to have a vapor barrier and a separation between the sleepers and the cement, apply a solid layer of rigid foam to the concrete floor first, putting the sleepers on top.

Obviously you will need to consider what effect all of this added thickness will have on doors, cabinets, etc.

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