framing advice for an unusual project


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framing advice for an unusual project

I don't purport to be a builder, so please bear with me. I have a free standing project that I am trying to plan out. I have an evenly distributed load of 1500 lbs on a 54" x 84" platform that I want to elevate above grade approximately 5'. I need some advice on how to construct the load bearing walls. Here is my plan. Feel free to add any and all input you feel is necessary.

I want to elevate this platform approximately 5' above the floor so that I have a wide open storage area underneath. My plan is to use 2 load bearing walls, one each on the 54" ends. The span between the 2 walls will be 84" (7'). I will use (5) 4x6x8s placed on 9" centers to support the platform. I've looked at some span charts and believe that this will be more than adequate for the span (300lbs/4x6 over the 7' span).

As for the walls, this is what I was thinking of and need to know if this construction will be sufficient to support the load. I will use a 2x6 for the sill plate, double 2x6s for the top plate, and double 2x6s for the studs at each end of the wall. My plan is to try to incorporate cross bracing within the wall so that once it is sheathed it (the cross bracing) won't be exposed. I was wondering if it would be acceptable to use single 2x6 studs located at the load bearing points (9" on center), but placed such that they are centered and in parallel width wise with the upper and lower plates. My thinking here is that I can run cross braces on either side of these interior wall studs (1.5" + 1.5" + 1.5" = 4.5", which is less than the width of the top and bottom plates). Does this plan sound feasible or do I need to beef things up a bit?

Yes, I do plan to cross brace the end walls to each other, but haven't exactly developed a plan for that as of yet. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Rob, welcome to the forums! I believe you're thinking of the load prior to the base. Let's start by first building a house without a roof. Is this outside, free standing, or in your basement? See, we don't know what you are doing, so we are guessing. If it is outside, free standing, you will need to dig and pour footers for sill support via Simpson Strongtie sill brackets. Once you have a level sill, you can begin your construction of your walls. I'm not getting the 9' on center thingy. Why not just build 2x6 walls at 16" oc with cross bracing on the inside and sheathing on the outside, OSB or plywood.

Fill us in on a little more information so we can help more. Others will chime in with their opinions, so hang in there.

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