Screwing into cement


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Screwing into cement

I'm not quite sure if this goes here - I need some help about screwing into cement.

We have a cement floor to which I wish to attach a floor strip prior to putting down tiles. My question is - how do I screw into cement? As you can guess, I'm pretty much a newbie.

Do I need a special drill bit? Do I use some sort of plug and then screw into the plug? If so, what sort?

Thanks for any help.
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Normally a 4'x8' sheet product is put down first before tiling rather than just a strip.
To drill and use screws is tremendous amount of work. Often the fastener used is a powder actuated nail gun that shoots thru the wood into the cement.

There is a hardened screw that is called a TapCon. You drill a hole and the screw threads right into the cement. The following video is a demonstration...... Tapcon Concrete Screws

What kind of tile will you be installing as that will determine your underlayment requirements ?

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