Band Joist on cantilevered floor joists


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Band Joist on cantilevered floor joists

I thought I was all good to go....then I did some reading.

The building is 12 x 32. A simple workshop. Concrete runners with piers. Three triple-2x10 beams spaced at 5.25 ft - leaving about 6 inches of cantilever on both ends of the floor joists to attain the full 12 feet width.

Some info is saying to install the joist hangers normally - others say to install inverted. At this point I'm ready to do both!

I was going to double the band joist all the way around. BUT! That only leaves 1/2" for the load bearing walls to sit on the joists. So I cut that back to single band on the perpendicular sides (the long sides) and double band on the parallel sides - BUT! I end up with a 2x8x12 and a 2x8x20 for the band joist on the long sides - and what is the best way to join them? Flitch plate on both sides? For how far from the butt seam?

I'm kinda going in circles and need to step back. Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated. Or have I worked my way into the hole of no return??
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If this is a workshop, you would do well to consider pouring a concrete floor on stemwalls, instead of using a wood-framed floor structure. Such would be more durable than any flooring surface installed over wood subflooring and framing, and far more fire-proof. Welding, grinding, and flame-cutting aren't kind to wood surfaces.

The first workshop I built (a temporary structure at a mobile home park in NM) had a plywood floor supported by 2 x 6s. Almost burned the thing down about a month after buying my first gas brazing torch. I vowed then and there that any and all future workshops would have concrete floors.

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