Steps/risers can't fit code


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Steps/risers can't fit code

We are rebuilding two steps from the kitchen into a back foyer. The problem is that the available space doesn't allow the proper riser height that code requires.
The drop is 27 3/4 inches and the depth (from wall to open door) is 29 inches.
Any thoughts on how to manage this? Thank you.
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Your 29" landing also doesn't meet code, which is now 36". Only way to make it meet code is to reframe the opening so that you do have room. (roughly 72" - door to landing) The question is, do you HAVE to. It's not practical- or often, possible- to bring old houses completely up to current codes. If your inspectors require you do do it, that's one thing. If YOU want to do it (thinking that it will make the house more sellable, for example) that's another. But I would look into whether or not you HAVE to make those changes or whether if because of the age of the home or the feasibility of the layout making it difficult or impractical to make such a repair, maybe it's just not worth it.

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