Attaching notched floor joist to a steel I beam


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Attaching notched floor joist to a steel I beam

I just had a wood beam replaced by a steel I beam and thought the floor joists would be reattached to the new steal beam somehow, but they are not. The joists were notched out and nailed (heavily) to the old wood beam, but now they just resting on top of the steel beam via the small part in the notch (about 4x4). Doesn't seem right to me that the joists wouldn't be attached somehow and that the only thing holding them up on that end would be a small portion of the joist at the end (that is probably compromised to begin with.) Does this sound or look right to anybody? Am I wrong to think that they should be tied in somehow to the new beam? Thanks in advance for the advise!
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That is SO wrong.

They should have packed the beam out solid with lumber, raised the steel beam all the way up to the subfloor and then attached the joists with joist hangers. Currently, the joists will want to split along the grain at the inside corner of the notch.

Why was the wood beam replaced with a steel beam in the first place? IMO these clowns have no idea what they are doing. I hope that maybe somehow they aren't finished and intend to do the above.
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Thanks XSleeper, kind of what expected should have happened. Unfortunately, I don't think they are planning on doing that, will find out later today. They took out a lally pole for me and put the steel in for reinforcement. They did not notch the joists like that, that was existing. I just thought they would have reattached them properly. Have to check my paperwork to see if that was supposed to be included. Thanks!

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