Cupboard under stairs - supporting the stairs?


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Cupboard under stairs - supporting the stairs?

Looking for a bit of advice on how feasible this is, and whether the cupboard wall is likely to support the stairs/landing.

Some pics are linked below
Understairs - Imgur

I'd like to take out the small wall/partition/paneling that separates the cupboard under the stairs from the hallway.
I'd also ideally like to lower the ~5ft of hallway floor that's next to the cupboard by 8 inches so that it's level with the inside of the cupboard.

Pic 1 is a pic from the kitchen looking back at the hallway and cupboard - there's the drop to the cupboard, about 8 inches

2 is the top of stairs from the hallway, where they go above the existing entrance to the cupboard

3 is the stairs from the other side, looking at the landing that's above the cupboard

4 is inside the cupboard at the back. The ledge at the back is in line with the level of the main hallway floor

5 is underneath the bit of hallway that's next to the cupboard (see bit below about thinking of lowering this floor a bit)

Thanks in advance
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The paneling can go as far as I can see. I don't understand the second question.
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Sorry, to clarify the second question.

The floor inside the cupboard is about 8 inches lower than the hallway floor.
If I was removing the paneling then I'd also want the floor to be at the same level, and rather than raising the inside of the cupboard up I'd like to lower the section of the hallway that's next to it.
I've looked under the hallway skirting and there seems to be the space
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If I am seeing right the floor is supported on the beams and there is nothing else there. To lower floor beams would have to be removed and than where would you install floor? Better picture under floor that shows how it is built under there would help.

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