Load bearing wall questions


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Load bearing wall questions

Hello folks,
First time on this forum and glad to be here. I would like to further open up a load bearing wall from a five foot opening to almost 14 feet. This wall is below a second story and there is a wall above it on the second story. The floor joists on the second story floor are 2x8's and are lapped over the load bearing wall I'm thinking of opening up. I'm looking into an Lvl beam or maybe I can use some sandwhiched together 2x8s to tie the floor joist into for support. I've done a lot of dyi projects in the last couple decades, bathrooms, kitchens etc.., but nothing to deal with a load bearing wall. I've tried to research load calculators, but nothing seems to simple enough to use. And of course terminology is an issue so I'm trying to learn that also. I'll try and get a picture or two up tomorrow. Thanks for any info on this projects.

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Welcome to the forums! Sounds as if you have a classic load bearing wall. Sometimes these can be supported by double or triple LVL beams with good support on the ends. It really would be a good idea to enlist the services of a structural engineer in order to see exactly what you can or cannot do, and with what materials. Having their blessings and following their instructions will help not only with the job going easier, but with insurance, and resale value, knowing the job was done correctly. Post the pictures. There may be some advice we can give, but on site advice is always best in this situation.
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Here are a couple pictures. I hope they uploaded. I would like to open the wall up from the orange level on the left to the outside wall interior wall on the right. It's an old house with low ceilings. supposed to be from around 1902 or so. The house has been completely remodeled around 1995 but I have seen where short cuts have been taken. The second photo is where a friend who has intermediate construction knowledge said I could put two carraige bolts through where the joists overlap with a support plate underneath. I did a couple and didn't like what I saw and the hair was standing up on the back of my neck so I stopped and started to research. And here I am. Anyone have an average cost for a structural engineer to check this out and give me the info on the proper support to use. I'm not afraid to pay to do it right. Just don't want to get taken for a ride. I'm in middle Tn. Thanks

edit; the total span between the room is approx 27 feet. About 13.5' each way from where they overlap on the load bearing wall.

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