Beam for cottage


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Beam for cottage

Hello all,

So we have a cottage that is essentially 24 feet x 30 feet. It's an old rafter roof system(not trusses) with 2 gable ends.

We originally had 2 main walls spreading across the 30 foot span with separation for halls/entrances. At one point we had torn down one of the walls and the general contractor had put in 3 2x6 over a 16 foot span. At first this wasn't that bad - but the ceiling originally had fiberboard(stuff used back in the 50s or so). Later on, drywall was put on - overtop of the fiberboard. So obviously some additional weight that wasn't necessary.

This eventually led to that 3 2x6 beam over that 16 foot span to sag(clearly wasn't a large enough beam should've been at least 3 2x8). There was another beam added which was perhaps a 10 foot span again used 3 2x6, but this beam never did sag.

What we're looking to do is have an LVL beam installed to span the 30 feet. Ideally we don't want any jack posts. Does anyone have an idea if this is a possibility? And/or what size of LVL Beam would be required for this? The purpose of the beam would essentially be to hold up the ceiling across the cottage.

We've obviously torn down the drywall and fiberboard - but will only install drywall afterwards.

Any advice on specs, etc. would be much appreciated.

Here's some additional info:
roof pitch is 5-12. Rafters are 24" on center

snow load I found online is the following(based on 2005 numbers):
Snow Load kPa, 1/50
Ss = 2.6
Sr = 0.4
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Just to confirm, there is no upstairs, loft or storage above the beam you are considering?

A search for LVL span table will product tables from many manufacturers but if you don't have a room above it's a bit unusual and might not be in most stock tables but it will start to give you an idea. 30 feet is tough and is at or above the max span on most standard tables. It's probably a better application steel especially if you don't want a really tall beam.
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that's right - no upstairs. there is an attic hatch door to get access to the attic space - but it's just an attic space. The only time one would go up there is if electrical needed to be done or to try and identify a leak in the roof.

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