Load bearing wall? Making closet wider


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Load bearing wall? Making closet wider

Hi guys,

I would like to make a bedroom closet larger by moving a short interior wall that makes up one end of the closet over by about one meter. I suspect that this a non-load-bearing wall but I was hoping that someone here could give me a second opinion.

The wall is 23 inches long and is coming off the wall that divides my house from the neighboring town house, a load bearing wall. The joists in the ceiling above (the attic) run perpendicular to the wall. However joists in the floor and two lower levels (it's a 3 story building) are running parallel to this wall. As far as I can tell with my stud finder there is a single joist that runs across the top of this closet wall. In the room underneath there is nothing but open space underneath where the closet is.

Below are some pictures of the closet framing. One thing I noticed is that there are no jack studs below the header. I would like to make the opening two meters wide so I will definitely add jacks. Would a two 2x8 header be enough for that span?

In any case, any opinions and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to the forums.

That wall is too close to the load bearing wall between units to be load bearing.

What I'm trying to figure out is what's with all the wood in that bottom picture.
Two-three studs on the left and 4+ on the right ?

I would think a double 2x8 would be fine.

Others will stop by and chime in.

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