Need A help for uneven subfloor.


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Uneven subfloor & Stairs surrounding.

I am installing the hardwood and have problem with subfloor and stairs surrounding. Attached is the image. Any suggestion will be appreciated.
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I am not certain I understand the problem here. I see in your first three pics that you piece of hardwood is higher than your current hardwood. Does your subfloor have a lip there that is causing the difference in height? The height looks like it matches up good to the stair trim.
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Somethings way off here, A properly installed landing tread would be sitting on top of the subfloor and be 3/4" in height and should match up with the 3/4" prefinished flooring your trying to install.
That piece under the ballister should have been sitting flat on the subfloor also.
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If the floor you are going to install is thicker than the other wood (see last picture) how can it be a subfloor issue? The stair moulding is floating above the subfloor and your flooring is flat to the subfloor and yet it still is thicker.
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I assumed that piece in the foreground was a piece already installed of the new flooring. Is that the case, or are you trying to match up to an existing floor?

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