Widening a Five Foot Door


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Widening a Five Foot Door

I have a sliding glass door that I would like to replace with a French door. The problem that I have is that the opening is 59 inches wide (from stud to stud) and the standard French doors require more (62 inches I think). I would like to widen the opening to accommodate a standard door.

There is a header that is supported with a 2x4 on either side. I would like to remove the two 2x4 and replace them with a metal support. Is that allowable?
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The right way would be to open up the wall from floor to ceiling to the next studs on each side and reframe the opening and add a longer header.
What's on the outside for siding?
Post some outside pictures.
But you'll find it was never flashed correctly anyway at the bottom.
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Just a quick check of Therma Tru brochure says that they have a outswing french unit that is 4'8" and says the unit size is 58 3/8" wide by 79 1/2" tall. It calls for a rough opening 1/2" bigger, but you should be able to squeeze it in. So, short of it is continue your search and look to some lumber yards as opposed to the big box stores. They will carry only the best sellers in stock and charge through the nose for anything custom. Here's a quick link to their site Home Begins with the Door | Therma-Tru
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I would like to remove the two 2x4 and replace them with a metal support. Is that allowable?
No, you cannot remove the 2x4's supporting header. There is no metal bracket that will carry the load that these 2x4's can handle.

Czizzi found a door 58 3/8", and you should be able to find other doors that fit your rough opening.
Check the opening to see if it's plumb. If it is plumb, there's more of a chance the 58 3/8" door will fit.

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