Subfloor help


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Subfloor help

I had some notable soft spots in a bedroom under my carpet. I pulled up the carpet and found 3/4" particle board with clear moisture damage. It disentigrated in my hands. Decided to pull it up and planned to replace with 3/4" plywood. As I pulled it, I noticed something growing on the 1x plank subfloor.

Here's a link to the photo:

I went ahead and removed the felt paper and spray down the subfloor with bleach solution. Question is do I need to do more before covering it back with felt paper and new plywood?

Any advice most welcome. My house is pier and beam.
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It's hard to see the condition of the planks but there is a chance that the planks need to be replaced too. I don't see why the water damage would stop at the plywood.
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Have we determined he source of the moisture damage? Is this on a crawl space or a 2nd story?
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Is the subfloor still solid? Is there any mold visible between the planks? Is it feasible to remove one or two to look under them? Mold needs three things to grow; moisture, heat and a food source so if the moisture is removed, the mold can't grow.

btw - welcome to the forums Justin!

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