Attaching bottom plate to concrete floor


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Attaching bottom plate to concrete floor

I have a Ramsey but prefer not to punch holes into a new concrete floor. (That also rules out tapcons). I also will be doing the majority of work at night. Can the bottom pressure treated plate be secured to the concrete (without will plate seal) using adhesive such as gorilla glue or liquid nails? Will this hold over time or will it loosen causing the bottom to slip out?
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That just makes no since to me.
Those few holes for Tap-Cons or a Ram set are not going to hurt the slab.
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While adhesive might hold ok I'd want some mechanical fasteners also. The slab is likely 4" thick and the fastener won't be going that deep.
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I've always used a combination of adhesive (made for the purpose) and mechanical fasteners. Then again, I'm an idiot.
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Don't think any inspector would approve a sill plate with no mechanical fasteners. Millions of houses have plates that are nailed and screwed to the floor... so what makes yours so special? Other than you don't want to do it?
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Thanks for the input. I will hit it with the ramset and be done with it.
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Yeah. You're getting off easy with the ramset. Some walls would require retrofit anchor bolts or epoxied hold downs, a lot more expensive and more work..

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