The gap between exterior brick and outer wall.


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The gap between exterior brick and outer wall.

My father in law had a raised ranch, when he came to live with us the renters apparently let a raccoon live and ruin part of the ground floor walls and ceiling. When they left , I found and started the repair. I also discoved, lack of insulation in the ten inch gap between the outer and inner wall, part of the foundation sank, and more an more.
The latest is at the ground floor joist overhang there is a open gap between the house exterior and the brick side wall. This is letting air, bugs Ect.. Into the interior ground floor joists. What is the proper way to cap and insulate that would be bug an varmint proof. Name:  image.jpg
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Post a picture from the outside looking up to that area.
What I'm picturing is something like this.
That area most commonly is covered with plywood from the outside and for less painting covered with vinyl or aluminum soffit.
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I would put a piece of flat blocking (2x8 or similar laid flat) between the joists in that area first of all. That would block the gap so mice, bugs, etc couldn't eat into insulation. Glue it in with construction adhesive if you want an airtight seal. Then cut blocks of 2" Thermax to insulate that area. I would probably put 3 or 4 pc in to really fill it up. Caulk the perimeter of each layer of foam with PL300 or any cheap latex caulking.

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