Plumber drilled through sill - does it matter?


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Plumber drilled through sill - does it matter?

I'm having a plumber run natural gas pipe from the meter to my appliances. The guy measured wrong and drilled straight through the sill plate in between 2 floor joists. Thankfully he missed the electrical wires (I don't know how). So now there's a 2" gap in the sill where it sits on the cinder block. Is this an issue?

Also, when he finally drilled the hole in the right spot the cinder block broke but he's having someone repair it with concrete. I guess I'm not too worried about that - should I be?
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A 2" hole thru the plate shouldn't be a problem but you're saying the hole was supposed to be in the block ?

Does this guy know what he's doing ?

I always run a small test but thru first to confirm location and for things that could possibly get hit.
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Thanks for the reply. I was hoping the sill thing would be inconsequential.

I also just noticed that one of the electrical wires is UNDER the pipe they installed rather than up on the sill where it should be. It's going to have to stay that way, I guess, because they'd have to disassemble the whole thing to fix it.

The guy and his company have been around forever - I've used them lots over the past 20 years or so. They do good work, and it was the owner that made the mistake. I guess everyone has an off day.

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