Minwax Reviver on Blemished Floor?


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Minwax Reviver on Blemished Floor?


I am looking to rent out my home and want to do something to spruce up the hardwoods in my living room and dining room, which were under carpet for decades but have been exposed for about the past 10 or so years. My "spruce up," I mean something short of the 1500 or so it would take to sand and refinish them. I have heard good things about Minwax hardwood floor reviver, but I'm wondering if it'll backfire on me by making more stark the imperfections/blemishes. Has anyone faced a similar situation when using this or a similar product? Did it make the flaws more pronounced, as I think it would? Could I gamble and try to stain the ... blemishes...with no hope of matching but maybe of getting closer than this stark contrast?

I've attached a picture of a couple of the stains (good ol' cat puke and where a potted plant was located) so you can get an idea...It's the same floor stain in each picture, just with different lighting. Name:  20160601_233912.jpg
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While I've never used the reviver, it's formulated to fill/minimize scratches and not for hiding stains. If you do decide to go that route let us know how it does.

I'd be inclined to sand the floor down until the stains either disappear or at least become acceptable. I'd start with a little orbital sander over the stains. You might get lucky and only have to sand off a little of the finish. If that's the case you'd just lightly sand the rest and apply a fresh coat of poly.
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I thought we had a thread on that product a couple months ago and someone figured out it was just poly with a fancy name on it. I agree with Mark, I think you're going to need to put in more effort than just applying the reviver to get a good result.

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