Securing header to jack studs


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Securing header to jack studs

I have installed a sagging ceiling with a double 2x6 header. I have it resting on two jack studs on either end and it butts up against the wall stud. The ceiling joists are sitting on top of the new header but I'm trying to determine the best way to secure the header to the studs. 16d nails? Simpson Strong-Tie plates?

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Not sure I'm envisioning this correctly. Can you post some pictures?
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I must have screwed up the original post. It should read "I have replaced a sagging ceiling..." I also should have mentioned that someone removed a wall and left the ceiling plate and butt nailed another 2 x 4 into the studs. So there was no support and the ceiling was sagging.

Anyway, here are photos from either side of the header I installed. But it is just resting on the studs and the joists are resting on top of the header. Thanks.

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The header gets toenailed into the king studs (about 3 or 4x per side) and it should also be toenailed to the joists on top. The top of the trimmers can be toenailed to the header.

I was also trying to figure out why you would build a bowed ceiling... and why you would think a 2x6 is big enough for a header... its not. The pics seem to have cleared some of that up. But the header dimension is too small for the span.
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Sorry. I have bungled this thing up! It is a double 2x8 header with a span between the inner studs of 77

Thanks for the info....

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