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Is this the current IBC ICC Nail Fastening Schedule?

Is this the current IBC ICC Nail Fastening Schedule?


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Is this the current IBC ICC Nail Fastening Schedule?

Codes and Standards | ICC publicACCESS™

^ says 2015.

I read people saying 3.5" and possibly the 16D Common .162" version 3.5" nail is recently required, but that's apparently only for a certain few connections like in header beams and sill/sole plate, and also might only be enforced for certain hurricane-prone areas, although the shed I'm building is somewhat a hurricane-prone area.

I know people will say call the local building dept and see what they require, but I'm just asking if that's the current fastening schedule.

According to it, I can use nails thinner that others for certain connections, I just need a couple more nails per connection. I'll be adding hurricane ties from rafters to top plates, and metal straps from wall sill plate/studs to sub floor/foundation platform. Basically I just don't want to use thick nails that are going to split the heck outa kiln dried douglas fir. Plus my gun only shoots up to 3.25".

I'm planning to use full head smooth .131 3" nails for almost everything, and 2-3/8" .113 hot dipped galvanized rings for sheathing, which his fine according to that chart. Plus the hurricane ties and straps.

I'm tempted to use 3" .120 instead of .131 because .128 is acceptable in a lot of connections and is a thinner nail that's less likely to split wood but I'll probably just stick with .131.

The charts I'm referring to start about %20 down the page,

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from another forum, same topic.
In my area 12D (3.25") for 16D (3.5") in wall framing is allowed."

Ok so I guess your local code up'd the IBC ICC requirements. Is there a chart that shows the up'd amounts most locals are using?

According to the ICC charts, only in some places are such long or thick nails even required, so maybe 3.25-3.5 local code still just means for some of the connections.

the table does not tell you the MAXIMUM number and size of fasteners......it tells you the MINIMUM. No one is going to go around switching nails in and out of their gun just because they move from end nail to toe nail etc. etc. etc.

ok your point is when I read something like 'oh darn we gotta use all 3.5"s x.148" (which had me a bit worried about kiln wood splitting before researching this), means they just want to meet the 3.5" x .148" requirement for certain connections and then just shoot everything else with the same nails (even though possibly overkill) just to not change nails?

I did read on contractor forum, "12's and 16's" thread, a lot of guys change to 2.5" 8d nails for toenails, but that was around 2010, but still the ICC chart I linked was 2015 and sayd 8D ok for stud toes. I just wish there were a hurricane zone version of the chart, online or is there? I mean do you just call the local building dept and have to jot down what the person tells you and then hope there's no confusion after it's built and they want to check nails?

I understand what you mean though about MAX and MIN, more is sometimes less. No point in splitting the wood or making the connections mostly metal to the point of weakening it.
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Can you give us a short description of these two posts? What are you trying to find out, specifically?

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