Corner pocket door


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Corner pocket door

Anyone know how you would frame this double pocket door?

I was going to do a single pocket door using one of those kits they sell at home Depot. But like this corner idea because it would allow me more space when moving furniture down the road.
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First you would have to ensure that the walls are not load bearing, that they are simply interior partition walls. Your headers extend back into the walls and are cantilevered to meet at the corner. (Two 3' doors = two 6 1/2' headers) Then it's not much different than hanging 2 pocket doors, but you have to be doubley accurate at getting everything plumb and level. Not the kind of work an average carpenter could do and have it turn out perfect.

It looks cool but it's a little impractical imo. A double pocket door on the same wall would be better. They are tricky too.
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Well for sure the walls aren't load bearing. I'm taking this space in the back split house and turning it into a bedroom. Problem is the lower level getting furniture out later when I put these Divison walls up. Trying to maximize floor space in the bed room while leaving room to move couches out later. A corner door like that would give lots of room to manoeuvre coming up.

I need some graph paper to draw it out to show the layout. Tomorrows project maybe.

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