Replace hangers or remove and install blocking?


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Replace hangers or remove and install blocking?

The saga continues...the inspector asked that rafter hangers be installed in my mudroom (vaulted 4:12 ceiling), so I asked the builder to take care of it. I contemplated doing it myself, but the LRUZ sloped hangers aren't available in stores. Unfortunately, the builder used regular 90 - degree joist hangers, LUS210 at that (rather than LUS212). To make this work, they notched the bottom of the rafters. However, they didn't notch them deep enough so the hangers extend below the rafters. I cannot install drywall with them like this. I see four options:

1) Remove the hangers and install slopeable LRUZ212 hangers (the ones that should have been installed).
2) Remove the LUS210 hangers, enlarge the notches, and replace the LUS210s.
3) Leave the LUS210s as-is, and fur the ceiling with 1/2" OSB so the drywall clears the hangers.
4) Do away with the hangers altogether and install blocking.

An issue I see with replacing the hangers with LRUZs is that I'd have to shim underneath to fill in the voids left by the notches (so there is bearing on the hanger). Furring wouldn't be too big of a deal, but there are two recessed lights in the ceiling so I believe I'd have an issue with a gap around the cans. BTW, we're only talking about 6 rafters here, which span 9 feet. What would you guys recommend I do?
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Man, you can not catch a break! I would probably shim. You could rip down strips of wood at the top where you have more gap and use strips of paneling or luan on the rafter where it looks like you only need 1/8".
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Yeah, it's beyond comprehension. It's to the point where I don't want them working on anything, no matter how minor. I think I'll need about 1/4". My only concern with shimming was the recessed cans, but I'm assuming this will be a non-issue considering I am only shimming 1/4" and the drywall is 1/2".

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