Adding a floor above balloon framing


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Adding a floor above balloon framing

I have a 2 story house where the living room is open to the second floor. We are planning to close in the living room to create a new bedroom on the second floor. This should be a very simple addition as on the 2nd floor 3 of the 4 walls for the room are already there. We simply need to add a floor and the 4th wall and we've got a room. My concern is that the 2 exterior walls that this floor would need to tie in to are balloon framed with 2x6. On the rear wall I was thinking I could just remove the drywall and run the 2nd floor joists directly perpendicular to the existing 2x6 studs that make up the balloon wall and cut in a ribbon member running along the length. On the other exterior wall I'm confused how to do this the right way. I'm assuming I cant just face nail the floor joists directly to the studs so what am I supposed to do? I thought of build a traditional platform framed 2x6 wall in the living room that would support the weight of the new room above but I would lose 6" of space along the whole wall in that room that I would like to keep if possible. Is there a better way? Do I even need to worry about securing the joists to the other wall if the are going to be held with the ribbon member at the ends? If it matters, the house is new construction and only built about 4 years ago (should have built bigger)
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