Squeaky subfloor between joists


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Squeaky subfloor between joists

im curreny redoing my master bath on the second floor. The floor always squeaked so I thought the perfect time to fix the squeaks would be when I took the old tile up.

I put some screws in and it did absolutely nothing. I definitely hit the joists because I can feel it and I can see where some joists are by taking out the floor vent.

The floor has a layer of cement board and then 2 layers of plywood. Since this is the 2nd floor of my house, I can’t secure from underneath. I’m of the opinion that it’s one of 3 things causing the noise:

1- it is where 2 pieces of plywood meet and it is between the joists. The “seam” of the 2 pieces is rubbing together.

2- the layers of plywood and maybe the cement board as well are rubbing together between the joists.

3- where the floor meets the wall has “shrunk” and when I walk on the floor it is actually a mail connecting the wall to the subfloor creaking.

i should mention that it seems that the noise lessens in the summer months and amplifies in the cold/winter.

does anyone have any insight on this issue?

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Try screwing both sides of where the seam is Squeak is usually caused by wood moving on a screw or a nail.
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Yes, wherever you hear a squeak that's where you need to screw. Don't be stingy with the fasteners. Sometimes you need to shotgun the area to make sure everything is securely attached together and can't move.

Squeaks often get worse in winter when humidity levels are lower. Wood dries out and shrinks. In summer when it's more humid wood swells and fits tighter and nails hold tighter.

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