Foam/Latex Mattress Complaints

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Foam/Latex Mattress Complaints

My wife and I just purchased a foam/latex mattress from Ikea (1" of latex on top and the rest is regular foam--not memory foam). To my surprise, the mattress was rolled up like a burrito when we picked it up. The documentation that came with the mattress said to give it 3 to 4 days to fill out, but it is now day four and it has not filled out noticeably more than it did the day we got it. The ends are curled upward because of the way it was rolled up and it doesn't appear that it is going to fill out anymore. The mattress in the showroom looked nice and full, but ours is not--it looks like a partially deflated air bed. There is a 90-day exchange policy so we were thinking of getting the 100% natural latex foam mattress (Dunlop), but we are worried that the same thing will happen. I believe latex foam is a bit different in that it can revert back to it's original shape, but I really don't know for sure. I do know that regular foam (like a seat cushion) does not magically bounce back to shape--it stays compressed after years of use, which is what appears to have happened to our mattress. I have to imagine Ikea wouldn't have rolled it in this way if it were going to compromise the foam base, but who knows.
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I didn't realize there were different types of foam for mattresses. My father was allergic to something in a standard mattress and had to use a foam mattress for the last 50 yrs of his life. I know very little about the mattresses he had but they didn't appear to have much difference than a regular mattress. I'd definitively contact Ikea's customer service and see if they have a solution.
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Turn it upside down so that there is some weight helping to push the ends down. I would probably try to "Fluff" it a few times to wake up all the foam cells and see if that helps.
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I had to get one once, for someone to use temporarily, and it takes a bit longer to uncurl and fluff out, than they say. It fills out faster, once you start using it. Just give it time and it will look like in the showroom.

To my surprise, the mattress was rolled up like a burrito
Ikea is all about space saving and flat packaging.
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Minus the ten years I was married I have slept on a foam mattress since I was in my mid teens. I have never bought a foam "mattress" but instead I would get a piece of high density foam cut to size and then simply use a cheap muslin mattress cover. I find the high density foam lasts for a very long time and gives me great support, usually better than a high-priced "real" mattress at a fraction of the cost. I find on those occasions (traveling) when I have to sleep on an innerspring mattress I have a great deal more problems with backache and the like.

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