Fixing Ikea Karlstad Chaise


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Fixing Ikea Karlstad Chaise

The Ikea Karlstad chaise works by having a wooden rectangular frame that is 27 and 4/5' inches wide, hollow except for a 1' wood bars on the side with the couch support (what the pillow sits on) sitting on top of the frame. The support sits on the frame by four wheels at its corners. The problem is that while the frame is 27 and 4/5' inches wide, the couch support is only 27 inches wide. The result of this is the four wheels only sit very partially on the frame. As a result the wood on the frame edge has started to wear away and the couch support is falling in. I need to fix this to save my otherwise amazing couch. I have a few ideas but I see problems with all of them.

1 - Drill in thin ish wooden slats across the frame where the wheels usually sit. This seems the least problematic except for drilling into ikea furniture.
2 - Expand the frame with additional 2x1 wooden bars in the spots where the wheels usually sit. This seems the most difficult and requires working around the bolts that hold the couch together.
3 - replace the wheels with wider ones that'll sit more on the frame. However, wouldn't this stress the couch support since the wheels won't be directly under it

Looking for any suggestions - photos attached
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I would do option 2. I would replace the existing bolts with longer ones to accommodate the additional thickness you will be adding. If you glue and screw, I think this option is going to be the longest term solution and shouldn't be very expensive. It also is the most straightforward.
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I guess this is what you get with throw away furniture.

What is the purpose of the wheels?
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Not a cheap item - but the wheels are there because there are three positions for the frame. We don't use that feature.

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