Lane rocker recliner making loud noises when rocking.


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Lane rocker recliner making loud noises when rocking.

Hey all,

I have a Lane Leather Rocker Recliner I bought about 11 years ago, still looks good and working well, till today anyways.

I don't recline in it a whole lot mainly used as my gaming chair for my laptop. So I sit up in it 98% of the time.

The last couple of days I noticed it was starting to squeak during rocking, so I pulled the reclining arm part ways to rock it to see where all the joints were during rocking, sprayed with some WD-40.

As soon as I sprayed it, and recliner arm back to normal position, to test if squeaking went away. Now all of a sudden the chair is making loud clicking sounds whenever I rock it.

What the hell, it never did that before. I even turned the chair upside down to take the weight off the wooden disc base and moved it back and forth and it still makes this sound.

Anyone know what's wrong and how to fix.

Btw, the metal parts are not touching the wooden disc/base.
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About the only way to know is to pull the covering fabric off the bottom so you can see the mechanism underneath. Most often lubrication does the trick but I have seen broken springs or broken metal parts.
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Thanks for the reply.

I did turn it upside down to look at everything. I didn't notice anything.

The funny thing was it wasn't making this noise at all, before lubricating. But right after spraying all the areas that move, 8 areas that I could see, with WD-40. Then went to do a check to see if the initial squeaking has gone, all of a sudden this loud clunking sound when rocking the chair.

Any who, I will take a more detailed look after work today.

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